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I get asked all the time....

Can my mom also get a trial?

I love you and your mom but unfortunately, at this time, trials are only for brides!
Will you bring another artist to assist you the day of the wedding?

I'm a one woman show, so I don't bring another artist with my on wedding days! My max number of people for makeup is 10-12 on a wedding day.
Do you offer airbrushing?

Not anymore! anyone who knows me, knows how much I dislike airbrushing for many reasons. You can't blend anything on top of of. Looks drying. If you scratch or rub off a portion of the makeup, it's impossible to blend over to fix it. You cannot cream contour over it. It's not great for skin with texture like lines, peach fuzz, acne etc as it will accentuate those issues. Trust me, I don't need airbrushing to make you look like a flawless babe : )
Where would the trial take place?

My Place in the South hills!
How long does it take per person on the wedding day?

It takes on average, 30 mins per person for makeup. I spend about 45 mins on the bride. I like to reserve about 20 mins at the end for last minute touch ups.
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